Monash Container Festival, 2015

'There is no limit to the extent to which we can think ourselves into the being of another. There are no bounds to the sympathetic imagination. If I can think my way into the existence of a being that has never existed, then I can think my way into the existence of a bat, or a chimpanzee or an oyster, any being with whom I share the substrate of life.'

Elizabeth Costello (J.M. Coetzee)

ANIMALS was a work performed inside a disused shipping container. It was a solo-performance that examined our representations of animals in the arts and media. The work interrogated our habit of anthropomorphising the animal and questioned whether this prevents a deeper understanding the lived experience of the animal. I sought to ask what an ethical and truthful representation of animal experience in a performance context might look like. ANIMALS is part of an ongoing performative investigation of our relationships with non-human animals.